Igniting Social Communities of Women Leaders

Young business woman in social network

Originally posted April, 2014  on Women’s Center for Leadership

For Women’s Center for Leadership (WCL), we are, at our core, all about community. Our mission is about our members.

 WCL is a consortium of professional women joined in developing leadership skills, sharing knowledge and building community in the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve been a member of WCL for about 10 years. My participation has evolved: from sporadically catching a monthly breakfast event at first, then attending more regularly as my daughter got older and could do more to get herself ready for school, and ultimately joining the WCL Board of Directors. I think many of our members have times when they are active, and times when they have to check out for a while to attend to other things. Many just do their best to stay in touch, even if it’s only reading the email updates and checking out a blog or two.  Having to make tradeoffs like this is just part of the reality for a lot of professional women.

This past December, WCL hosted an evening Member Appreciation event.  It was great seeing so many of our members in more of a social forum. As our President, Michelle Sosinski, gave a short speech that evening, I learned a few things about our history and have we have progressed. I jotted down some of the stats Michelle shared, went home and used a free social media tool to create an Infographic of Women’s Center for Leadership – WCL by the Numbers.

WCL Infographic

When I stepped back to think about it, I was pretty impressed by the group’s growth over the past year – a lot due to the high-caliber speakers at our events and our members brining new friends and colleagues. We have a fairly large membership with a community-building charter, so for a non-profit like WCL, we rely on member emails and social media to reach our members to inform them about the events.

But we want to go beyond that. We want to keep the rich conversation, informal mentoring and community that we experience that is so magical when we meet going between events. In 2013, we expanded our social media footprint to include a Facebook page and have been reinvigorating our LinkedIn Group.

We know that many of our members already use LinkedIn. We would love to see more of our members sharing great articles and ideas about women and leadership in the Women’s Center for Leadership Group. We have over 600 members in this online community.  I learn a lot from the comments made on the things I post – it encourages me to share and comment more.

WCL LI page

Please join the Women’s Center for Leadership LinkedIn Group and jump in.

The WCL_PDX Facebook page is fairly new. We are posting info about the events, new blogs, as well as, leadership inspiration and quotes. At the Member Appreciation event we “crowd-sourced” some leadership “lessons learned” and favorite book recommendations from our members.

WCL Facebook

Please “Like” the WCL_PDX Facebook Page then invite your local Facebook friends to Like the Page too.

Whatever your level of involvement with Women’s Center for Leadership is at the moment, we are grateful to have you as a member (or we hope you will consider joining).

We know it’s the members that make any community.  The driving force behind building our social media presence in 2014 is to make it easy to stay in touch with each other more regularly. We believe a community that shares experience, supports each other, and ignites the leadership potential of women can create opportunities for women…. and change the world.


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